my sweetheart

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is a reality of life

I need to start diet,like seriously have too. I'm fat already like 66kg? Imagined how bolted am I recently? I don't know what keeps me to eat a lot but I surely fall in love with food more than a human. He must be really frustrated reading this. In Malaysia,you name me one place that provide suck and UN-delicious food except for Chinese and Indian food because I'm not those food lover. (While typing this,I'm craving for Seoul Garden and Meatballs Ikea and Chicken Wing).  Argh,heaven of food!

I'm going to H&M this Sunday,so let's meet up there nak tak? Envy reading all those tweet about H&M and I feel I've must go there too. So this Sunday. H&M in Setia City Mall will be opening this 3rd Oct and I couldn't wait for that long.

I've been deactivated my facebook account,so yeah I've been jakun forever.

Friday, September 14, 2012

people around me

'You're too picky when it comes to choosing some friend to mingle.' What?!! Someone used to sat those word right to my face and I was like,WHAT? Am I that picky,I guess I'm not. In fact I make friend with almost everyone. That is something that I realized and something that I'm not aware is I am picky,I finally come one to this one.

I only make friend with the people that I usually comfortable sharing thing and thought. The people that from my species : rich. The people that can have some taste and can actually read my mind and aware that I am not comfortable being standing in front and I'm comfortable being in the middle and not to showing myself in front of the public. Do you get what I am saying? But it doesn't mean that I only have those rich friend. Don't get me wrong,I become friend with almost everyone but some of them are that rich,rich and not so rich. I'm in the middle. I don't know why I have these type of friend. But I actually feel glad that at least I have those social class in my list,so you can throw me anywhere and I will survive.

This coming Sunday I have an outing session with friend from my old college. I actually just know them and they're nice. But you're just know them and yeah,I will be feel awkward and stay numb sometimes because I kind off don't have a regular topic to start a conversation.

So,pray for me!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

discount card

Recently lalu depan sebuah book store and perasan that diaorang ada tampal satu poster besar depan kedai diaorang yang student and government employee ada diskaun untuk beli buku. Student sebanyak 70% and employee kerajaan got 60% and private sector,none! This is surprise,like seriously Malaysia? Kenapa private sector dianaktirikan? I do think yang kami menyumbang paling banyak dari segi ekonomi untuk negara nie. So the question here,to be exact kenapa hanya student dan pekerja kerajaan je yang dapat benefit from all of this? Private sector nie,dahla takde benefit,kenaikan gaji pun susah nak dapat,bonus lagi la macam hampeh and the most important thing is,paling bias yang I could see and deal with it ialah masa nak buat loan.

Nak buat loan pihak bank only akan bagi keistimewaan pada pekerja kerajaan sahaja,private sector punya loan susah nak lepas. But if only pekerja kerajaan,senang je lepas and then diaorang pun happy-happy. What is this Malaysia,this bias system that you applied? I really don't get this,padahal waktu bekerja pekerja kerajaan berapa jam lah sangat nak dibandingkan dengan kami,pekerja swasta. In fact,kami during the office hour takde pun senang lenang nak main fcacebook,online twitter or even having our coffee break. This is not the benefit that I want just to make it different. And plus,I am not against the pekerja kerajaan just I want to state yang kami nie private sector macam tidak dihargai langsung.

In fact,kenapa baru sekarang nak keluarkan kad student yang ada potongan harga sampai 70% tu kalau akhirnya nanti bila diaorang grad,they don't even think pun nak bayar balik pinjaman pelajaran like I did every month!  See,what are you try to prove right now? Even my ex-classmate during my high school yang still lagi buat degree sekarang nie,they said by the time their finished studies,they hope that PTPTN dimansuhkan supaya they don't need to paid for it. So I nak tanya what is the exact point to do all this? For the poor? Hello,I am a poor kid too kenapa I tak dapat benefit nie time I study dulu? Why? 

I just don't get this attitude. And I don't know who to be asking for this. I am not that desperate but to tell you the truth,berapa la sangat gaji pekerja swasta nie sebenarnya. Jangan tengok pada gaji GM,QC,BOD,or even the CEO. Gaji engineer sekalipun kalau nak bayar rumah lagi,kereta sampai 2 biji,pendidikan anak-anak,belanja isi rumah untuk sebulan,simpanan nak pergi haji lagi,bayangkan berapa je tinggal untuk duit minyak dan duit tol sebulan? See,ini bill untuk kehidupan harian sebenarnya,kehidupan manusia yang berpijak pada bumi yang nyata. Entahla,fikirkan la.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I do

Everyone around is getting married anytime soon,my best friend and my ex-classmate and I am happy for them. Finally they found their true love and want to settle down and live happily ever after. My best friend,kind of busy preparing herself for the big day. They will get engaged first on the 9th September and will get settle down next year,hopefully. Wedding fantasy! Tell me one girl in this world that do not want to get married? 

I also want to get married,the chance to say I Do to someone is actually mean something to me. The acceptance and the responsibility is actually been made after you said that. Responsible to someone and to take care of the family is so huge and Insyaallah,it is something that I want to do it in the future.

But nowadays,people tend to exaggerate about their wedding,something fancy and cost a lot of money tend to be make. I know maybe they can afford those fancy wedding but as for me,the life after the wedding ceremony itself,is more than important. It actually the life of two people together under the same house. And when you get pregnant,expenses will burden you sometimes. That is why,I kind of do not want all those fancy thing to be at my wedding someday. Enough with all the family and friends,I would be very happy. 

All girl wants the fairy tale wedding,but do the wedding that you can actually afford and do not do something that exaggerate and over the top and you gonna paid a fortune of it after the occasion and you starve yourself at the end,that not good. Simple and memorable it is something nice to be done. I always dream that for mine wedding,one day.

I want a small wedding and could be attend by family and some close friend of mine,a private wedding to be exact. We will be having a really nice decorated pelamin,and the most important it should be comfortable for him and for me to move around our guest. We will be having a barbeque because I do not want my guest to be too attached to the wedding custom. Everyone could wear a beautiful dress,men could wear jeans and just t shirt. Comfortable enough to get around and mingle with each other. That just a dream and I know my family won't let it happen on my wedding day.

Monday, September 3, 2012

tear us apart

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin semua. okay,I know that wouldn't be missed here but the thought that count right? cewah. so,how your raya everyone? fun enough? mine,hurm despite of having my mummy burned out in my car because moir forgot to switch on the air cond because couldn't remember to press out the button,raya was great! this year mum cooked nasi minyak during our first day of eid.

I ate like 3 times in a day and having curry mee at my aunt's place,having ketupat and chicken rendang at my second aunt's house and drink tons of carbonate drinks. guess that you will noticed how fat could be right now. I guess that a lot of people will eat tons of delicious food right now during this Syawal.

Not to forgot,Happy Independence Day Malaysia,you're 55th years old now. Still growing and peace I hope. The Independence means to me : be free,do whatever you want to do but please bear your limit people.

Right now,been blogging in the office while my boss out for some meeting and I kind of typing real fast here because I have tons of work to do. Haha,takde arah tujuan.