my sweetheart

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

plain nothing

Hi, blogging at the office during lunch time now.

Nothing much to update here recently, hectic life everyday since I'm working, not enough rest and ruined relationship were what I had recently. Life is always hard being an adult and how I wish i will never grow up to face all the problem coming in future. Seriously, I'm tired and right now I'm taking a step which is I don't bother anymore of the is actually happen now and might happen in the future. Enough is enough and once you're lying to me there is no turning back anymore. Embrace it man. Who start it first?

You might see that I'm laughing outside, being a happy me is very deceiving for some people.  I look happy but do you know what happened inside? Well yeah, you didn't know that so it is easy for you to talk randomly about it. Life is that easy for you right? Since you can talk bad about others. Yeah, you just don't care. Wait until it hit you right on your face and you'll see I talk bad about it too. Well might be not me but other people will do the same. 

People, haven't change a bit since the day I was born.