my sweetheart

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I wish you could hear all the word I'm too afraid to say

But what if tomorrow you notice my flaws and imperfections and don't look at me the same way as you did today?

amal ismail

Thursday, May 17, 2012

for once I want to talk to you again,just like the old times

Working world made me sick,seriously. I missed my studies life recently. Imagined you started working at 8AM and finished it up by 6PM,imagine that? Tiring and boring completed set sometimes. Life as a student sometimes I managed to skip class and go to the mall but working life,I simply can't do that. If only I want it to,have to fill up the annual leave form or MC je. I do this way a lot(hopefully boss didn't read this)

Kind of pathetic when I'm blogging this while everyone else out for lunch and me alone in this office. Seriously,appreciate more your student life because you'll missed it so much when you're working. 

Till then,
amal ismail