my sweetheart

Saturday, January 15, 2011

i miss those blue eyes

it almost a year now in a few days time.. i just can't believe that you will stick to me like a glue for almost a year love and yes,we did it.. our first met was at futsal court back in college in 2009 and since there,we started to being friends.. and we became closer day by day and on the 17th January 2010 yes,you proposed me to be your girl in most an unique way..

i miss those blue eyes
how you kiss me at night
i miss the way we sleep
like there's no sunrise
like the taste of your smile
i miss the way we breathe

i fall in love with you deeper,day by day past by.. and the way you dealing with my insanity,amaze me somehow because I will be the most sarcastic person that you might ever seen when I'm mad.. I've said a lot of bad things to you and it likes of thousand times in a year that i badly hurt your feeling and i made you cried because of me.. but you still there,standing with pride to deal with my insane side..

but i never told you
what i should have said
no,i never told you
i just held in

and now,
i miss everything about you
can't believe i still want you
and after all the things we've being through
i miss everything about you
without you

he is the only guy that deserved my attention and my care.. and he is the only guy that know how to dealing with the evil side in me.. no others are as good as him and i bet every men out there to be such a loyal as mine to your partner.. can you be there at 12 am in the rain when your partner craving for some insane stuff? and yes,he did it for me.. can you handle the tough part when your partner slapped you out in front of public? i did it once to him and he handle it.. too many of crazy things that i have done to him and he is still here.. that's make me going back to him again and again for every single time.. no other guy are as good as him and as an awesome as him..

to give me all your love is all i ever asked
i would go through all this pain
take a bullet straight through my brain
yes,i would die for you

amal ismail

Friday, January 14, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

my letter for you

“We’re young. We’re supposed to drink too much. We’re supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each other’s brains out. We are designed to party. This is it. Yeah, so a few of us will overdose or go mental. But Charles Darwin said you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And that’s what it’s all about breaking eggs! And by eggs, I do mean, getting twatted on a cocktail of Class As. If you could just see yourselves! It breaks my heart. You’re wearing cardigans! We had it all. We fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us. We were so beautiful! We’re screw-ups. I’m a screw-up and I plan to be a screw-up until my late 20s, maybe even my early 30s. And I will shag my own mother before I let her… or anyone else take that away from me!”

last 2 days were my birthday,i finally turned on 22 years old.. da boleh mengundi da tp tak daftar pun lagi :D

amal ismail

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i'm talking about you.. yes,you!

what does you understand with 'anonymous'? stranger right? yes,i wanna talked about stranger but i posted out the Leighton picture :)

well,all my life i have been dealing with stranger.. all the time when i did said this.. i could said that now,when it comes to an anonymous i don't bother about it anymore.. i don't give a damn at all.. yes,go to hell with anonymous.. let me clarify about anonymous,do you know them? do you be friend with them? does they know you really well? NO,they don't.. they don't even know you well.. all they do the best is critics you and put a blame on you the most.. sometimes i do think,what will happened if i listen the anonymous said all i feel bad about myself on what and how should i behave? i guess i don't have freedom then..

when you are dealing with this some nonsense crap,ignore them is what you can do the most.. always remember that anonymous will only bring harm to you.. avoid them and do not take any serious about what they said because they are nothing,just some wind blow that finally will fade away.. put them aside and live your life as usual.. let sit back and relax because anonymous will shut their mouth after finally they get tired after badmouthing you..

amal ismail

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

let me give you the answer

people always asked me whether i don't have a hard time or whether i don't facing any trouble in life?

let me give you the answer then.. i do have a trouble,a problem sometimes and i also facing a hard time sometimes but what i always do,i smile and be calm all the time.. as my mum say,'nak gelabah buat apa,relaks jela'.. just facing your hard time with calmness because when you takes it too serious,it will kill you! trust me when i said,it will turns to you back.. just be calm,take a deep breath and smile..

problems,it will come and go in our life and we have to be able to handle it well.. don't be panic when you turn out to be in trouble just think on other solutions and it will be better.. i always think none of the problem or trouble that cannot be solve just you have to make yourself believe that you're in trouble and think of the solution that will bring no harm to yourself..

so next time you are in trouble,just SMILE!

amal ismail

Monday, January 3, 2011

goodbye 2010 and hello 2011

happy new year everyone!!

kuantan-kl-shah alam-serdang-frasers hill-klcc-petrosains-i city-shah alam-kuantan :)

OMG,vacation is so much fun this time.. i spend my time with my best friends and him.. as i reached Shah Alam in 4 pm and him already waiting for me at the bus station and we went to eat and catching up.. i have done so many things until i forgot what it is..

i have done a lot of things this time and also fighting up with times but i managed to have a good and sweet memories with all of them..

and i also have a new year's present,blackberry bold 9000! thank you love :)


my sexyback!

i'm so looking forward for another trip with them next time,so $ please be in my pocket soon..

for more picture of me,in facebook!

amal ismail