my sweetheart

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

this girl hate being cheated twice

trust needs to be earned not gained,have you ever heard that? well,i am sure you do,pretty much sometimes.. whenever we do or whatever it takes to go through lives these day,trust is important in fact it is cruel nowadays.. you can't easily put your trust on strangers just like that without even thinking about the consequences that might comes back,crawling back days?

as it goes for me,i will never trust someone so easily,in fact i am hardly trust someone.. but once i did,it will always goes for you.. and if you crashed it once,there is not gonna be the second chance coming.. that is just me,the girl that ain't gonna let herself being cheated,twice! once is sucks,twice is more than sucks,it is bad ass!

so when you crushed my trustworthy on you,you can have your ass off to hell,that is where you supposed to go after you betrayed someone.. i don't seems to understand why people these days were so easily break it? don't you seems to take care about the people who trust you dude? that doesn't make any sense these day man? it is crazy you know,when you woke up one day and you realized that you can't trust anyone on the day because they are just not worth it.. I'm feeling that people..

so i have enough of these trust-thing-that-people-should-know.. I'm taking care of my own self now,which is a lot of hell better than I'm hoping for anyone else.. yourself are your own best friend actually.. the goods and the bad,yourself will never turned you down..

amal ismail

Friday, October 14, 2011

October fiesta

October was an awesome so far. went to the Genting Highlands on the 1st of October with love,we were so jakun and chiaming because we haven't been there yet and yes,it was so cool i mean the place of course. nothing much to say about our trip because we were not going overseas lagipun just visited the peak only,blergh!

and also,i am now having my own blogshop,feel free to drop by beautiful people..
fashion junkie,it just something that caught my interest lately :)

found this video on youtube.. do you guys watched One Tree Hill? i did followed this series from season 1 and i fall in love with Brooke Davis,Lucas Scott,Peyton Sawyer,Nathan Scott and Haley.. but i did adored Brooke more,being in love,broke up,got an affair with her mum and her bestfriend but she was as strong as always.. and in season 7,she got married with this guy named Julian.. I always hope that one day she will get married to Lucas but Lucas ended up in a marriage with Brooke's bestfriend,Peyton.. do watch this series guys :)

amal ismail