my sweetheart

Saturday, March 26, 2011

mana perginya lelaki itu?

mana perginya lelaki yang cakap dia sanggup buat apa je untuk aku? mana perginya sang pria yang selalu cakap dia akan lindungi aku dari segala bahaya? mana perginya lelaki yang selalu ada bila aku seru nama dia? mana perginya lelaki yang takkan mengalah atau mengeluh kesakitan bila aku pukul dia untuk lepaskan geram aku? mana perginya lelaki yang selalu ada disamping aku walaupun aku da selalu sakitkan hati dia? adakah aku takkan dapat lelaki macam nie atau ini jelah yang terakhir?

kau dah cukup beruntung sebab ada dia dalam hidup kau,apa lagi yang kau nak?

aku mahukan lelaki yang buat aku rasa aku perlukan dia tapi bila dia ada disamping aku,aku buat endah tak endah je dengan dia.

mana ada lelaki yang akan tahan dengan semua kehendak dan kemahuan kau tu?

ada,aku pasti lelaki yang aku nak tu wujud dalam dunia nie,aku pasti.

kalau aku cakap orang tu tak wujud?

takkan,dia mesti wujud sebab aku tau dia memang tercipta untuk aku dan aku tau aku akan dapatkan lelaki tu satu hari nanti,sebab aku da tinggalkan jejak untuk dia datang cari aku kat sini.

semoga berjaya

aku tak perlukan itu. aku cuma perlukan lelaki yang sempurna pada mata orang lain tapi takkan pernah sempurna pada mata aku kerana aku juga tidak sempurna pada mata dia. biar kekurangan kami saling melengkapi untuk satu sama lain. aku nak kekurangan aku nie akan nampak cantik pada mata dia.

p/s : apa yang bermain di kepalaku sejak akhir-akhir nie

amal ismail

Friday, March 25, 2011

what i'm doing lately

nothing much,I'm spending my weekdays at my Love's workplace at the Lim Kok Wing's university.. it's my first time been there,so huge and yes so innovative yet awesome.. feels just the same like Taylor's but this time is kindda different because you can feel that you are welcome there because they are so friendly.. can i further my study there? :)

and also,Love's birthday is on Saturday but I'm wondering what to buy to him as his present.. please give me some idea that fun and attractive.. i don't want something that is so dull and boring..

amal ismail

Sunday, March 20, 2011

you're my fake dream

you're not exist i hope.. please go away.. yes,I'm in dilemma right now.. i want that thing so badly all this time and it's slipped away from me because someone else mistake.. sangat sedih okay.. but my mum say maybe it is not my luck anymore and maybe God already gives the chance to me before and let someone else have it now.. and i have to accept it anyway.. yes,i guess i already accept it right now although it hurts but i believe somehow one day it will cure.. so,life have to move on and yeah i will move on too..

amal ismail

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


consider means bertimbang rasa.. please driver,tolongla bertimbang rasa sedikit ketika memandu.. i don't want to die yet and i'm pretty sure you too.. please use your car's signal when you wanna turn left or right or you wanna change your lane,don't simply do it while i'm speeding.. luckily i managed to held on the brake you driver,if not both of us i guess will end up in the grave right now..

i understand that you be in such a hurry but please consider about others road user as well.. it's not only you that using the road,there are many in fact plenty of them and I'm sure that they will be certainly careful as i am..

whoever whose driving on the road or riding on the road,please be extra consider about others because they also wanna live a life too as you driver.. so,please watch out for others too..

amal ismail

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my future plan and i'm warning you guys,this is serious

i just had a conversation with my boyfriend,a very meaningful conversation i guess.. we talked about kids.. yes,for a married couple having babies is like a blast and as for me,although i am not married yet but i am a woman and a woman by hook or by crook have to be settle down from her glory times and get married and having babies.. and tonight,i come clean to him about babies.. and we were both finally came up with this huge ideas,i love him for those thing that he have been saying to me,'let's go with the flow'.. okay,nothing serious and we were not having an elligitimate babies or those awful things in your mind.. we were clean..

we were talked about future.. i'm going to further up my degree in April and it is for 3 and a half years.. by the age of 26,i will finish up my studies and then I'm going to work for 2 and a half years of course to collect money to get weds and finally we will settle down..

maybe for you guys,my boyfriend and i were having a gala time in daydreaming but we take it very seriously.. no,i take it very seriously about my life.. this is not a wasted time no more,no more hanky panky life like before,i wanna get everything straight and flows with my orders.. i wanna be so independent because time for sure,do not wait for me.. i wanna get my ass focus on my future now,past is past and the present is now.. i might cannot have one or two things according to my future plan,but i will make sure it will happened.. well,you will be facing the new me now.. i will be very serious when you wanna talked about my future.. i'm planning it but i leaves everything to HIM,to my creators.. HE knows the best for me..

you can laughing on our plan,might be saying that we are insane but have you guys love birds ever think about this? i guess not because you don't take this matter seriously like i did.. i do not want to make myself looks like a slut out there,changing men for each day.. i wanna stick to one man that i can rely on him for the rest of my life that is why i come up with this plan.. you might call me jerk or moron,but at least i have a backup plan if the worse turns up.. do you have your own backup plan?

please,plan something for your love life because if you will ended up with the same guy without any plan,you will be in hell

amal ismail

Saturday, March 12, 2011

please pray for them

there is a tsunami happened today in Japan,been my dream country to go.. with the 8.9 ritcher scale,it is re symbol of 4 meters high of wave actually.. although i don't have any of my family members lives there,but please pray for them.. 20 were dead after an hour this incident happened and i guess it might be many more we still haven't know yet.. so please pray for them by remembering them and pray to God.. putting this incident as your status in facebook,tumblr or twitter but didn't do anything about it won't help each one of them,there.. tq!

amal ismail

Friday, March 11, 2011

ijazah sarjana muda teknologi maklumat (pengurusan pengetahuan)

hi,i back.. haven't been in here for a month and i miss you.. yes,i got an offer to further up my degree and it's an awesome.. :) so excited!

till then,

amal ismail