my sweetheart

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hello my april

hi my April :)

sorry because i rarely updated now,i am now working and too tired to updated in here.. got nothing special to tell you guys so i better keep my mouth shut..

oh,this evening on my way home from working,this uncle stopped me.. he wanna to talked about this organization to collect some donation.. so i stopped at his booth just want to hear about the explanation he wanna gave me.. then he started to explain to me all the stuff about the organization and i'm all interested in it and i asked,'so if i wanna joined this organization,how should i pay the monthly fees?'.. then he explained on how.. but i felt that it seems to go wrong on something.. when i asked the form to bring back home to study about it he doesn't want to give it to me.. and also i should pay the monthly payment using my debit card since i don't have the credit card but the payment is using his name not the organization name.. so i went home and google about it,confirmed that guy want to cheat on me.. damn la you!

end of the story

this is the song that i have been listening lately :)

amal ismail